Personal exhibition of the Kazakh artist Nurshidin Baratov "The sky is getting closer"

May 1, 2021 at 15:00 State Museum of Arts of the Republic of Kazakhstan named after A. Kasteeva, within the framework of the celebration of the Day of the Unity of the Peoples of Kazakhstan, a press tour and the opening of the personal exhibition of the Kazakh artist Nurshidin Baratov "The sky is getting closer" will take place.

The exhibition features over 80 paintings by the artist.

"The sky is getting closer" - this is the first large personal exhibition of the artist Nurshidin Baratov in Kazakhstan. The works are written in the open air and performed in a realistic manner. In his works, the author tries to convey what he feels at the moment.

“… In front of me is a white sheet of paper. Where to begin? The same happens with canvas. The first seconds… uncertainty passes. A touch of the brush, and nothing has changed.

Life went on as usual. You can only look and breathe deeply, or forget about it altogether.

I am not, I have long vowed never to appear when I am not ... This is detachment and impulsive presence at the same time. Breathe air into the already overflowing chest, choke on pleasure and the desire to share the happiness that you live !!!

Life, fate, put a certain filter of color, light, air, friends, enemies, cynicism, benevolence, the inability to see people who have left, in such an eyepiece that you can see more than ever….

To write, rather to write, until the freshness has dried up. Now the shadow has become a light, and the light has gone into a haze. The wind is in your face, and the cold is in the back of your head, now it will blow away your strokes, your canvas ...

You are waiting for the dawn, here is the first ray. Before writing, do not forget to say thank you to this piercing light and to everyone who gave you life simply

So, no way ... ".

The exhibition will run until June 1, 2020.

Nurshidin Baratov 1967 year of birth Born in Almaty

In 1986 he graduated with honors from the Almaty Art School named after I. N.V. Gogol

In 1992 he entered KazNAA them. T. Zhurgenova faculty of monumental painting.

In 1994 he transferred to the Academy of Arts. Mimar Sinan in Istanbul, where he graduated with honors.

Personal exhibitions:

1987 - Kryvyi Rih (Ukraine)

1995 - Istanbul (Turkey)

1996 - Istanbul (Turkey), Copenhagen (Denmark), Arhus (Denmark).

Participant of group exhibitions in Almaty, Bishkek, Cyprus, Istanbul, Budapest.

Nur shidin Baratov is the owner of the ARTEAST gallery