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sec mus vernissage 1

Second Musical Vernissage at the A. Kasteyev Museum of Arts on May 2, 2015, presented the music of a new and innovative composer Sairash.  The running commentaries were kept by well-known music expert Jury Aravin who told about the art of renowned composer and his works performed during the concert. The compositions “ Under sky of  Eurasia”, “Lullaby” and other were performed by Almaty Conservatory’s Post-Graduate Anna Antipova, famous jazz improviser Victory Khomenkov and multi-instrumentalist Edil Khusainov, who plays all ethnic Kazakh music instruments.

sidorkin 1

The solo exhibition of Eugeny Sidorkin (1930-1982), People's Artist of the Kazakh SSR and laureate of the Chokan Valikhanov State Premium of the Kazakh SSR was held at the A. Kasteyev State Museum of Arts of the Republic of Kazakhstan in April - May 2015. The exhibition was dedicated to the artist’s 85th anniversary,

His talent with great force and expressiveness was demonstrated in graphics art, although he was also interested in monumental and decorative art. Eugeny Sidorkin executed several monumental compositions in relief and colored sgraffito for the facades of public buildings in Almaty. His high professionalism and mastery were laid by his serious educational background: Art School in Kazan, the Academy of Arts in Riga and Repin Art Institute in Leningrad.

mergenov 1A solo exhibition of Erkin Mergenov, the People’s Artist of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Professor, Honored Art Figure of the Republic of Kazakhstan, winner of the First Independent Premium of Kazakhstan “Platinum Tarlan”, was held at the Museum in April 2015.

Sculptural works by E. Mergenov is a significant phenomenon in the art of Kazakhstan and on the whole, in the entire international art practice. The plastic manner of his art is especially individual. He always appeals to the man's spiritual life determined by external circumstances, historical conflicts and today's challenges of the time.

In April-May 2015 the solo exhibition of Boris Pak (1935-1992) dedicated to the artist’s boris pak80th anniversary was held at the Kasteyev State Museum of Arts of the RK. The exhibition displayed linocuts, etchings, book illustrations, as well as the artist’s other works from the Museum’s collection.

The exhibition was opened by the Museum’s Director Gulmira Shalabayeva, Professor, Doctor of Philosophy and Honored Art Figure of Kazakhstan. She marked a great contribution of Boris Pak to the art of Kazakhstan.

Boris Pak started his creative path during Golden age of graphic arts in Kazakhstan – the 1960-1980s. This creative blossoming became possible due to the thaw in the political life of the country. A milieu of dedicated professionals formed in Alma-Ata at that time encouraged everyone to create works of the highest level. This creative ensemble brought Kazakhstan’s engravings first to the national level, and then to international renown. Participating in exhibitions and winning many competitions – Kazakhstan graphic arts developed into a recognizable style.

muz-vernissage 4On April 4, 2015, folk-groups Turan and Arkaim performed in the Kazakhstan Art Hall of the A. Kasteyev’s Museum of Arts as a part of the Musical Vernissage. The concert was a great success. 

A series of our concerts in the halls of the best artworks of Kasteyev Museum started by the well- known folk-groups Turan and Arkaim. Turan is an award-winning group of many international contests and festivals in Turkey, China, Hungary, South Korea, Germany, USA, France and others, and a grantee of the First President Foundation of Kazakhstan. The traditional music ensemble Turan take the stage at Carnegie Hall, the Kennedy Center, and concert halls in Los Angeles, Boston, and the San Francisco. The Music of Arkaim is a mix of the folk and modern electronic music.