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The Kasteyev State Museum of Arts of the RK together with the National Museum of the RK presents the Republican exhibition-contest “Бабалар аңсаған Тәуелсіздік” - “Independence Bequeathed by Ancestors” devoted to the 25th anniversary of Kazakhstan’s Independence. 

This year Kazakhstan celebrates 25 years since it acquired Independence. To preserve and strengthen independence bequeathed by ancestors is one of the important tasks in the development of the country’s spiritual and cultural sphere. Therefore, the Republican exhibition-contest “Independence Bequeathed by Ancestors” organized by the A. Kasteyev State Museum of Arts of the RK has become a significant event in the cultural life of the Republic. 

The contest’s major objective is to create the country’s united contestn 2cultural space proceeding from the national idea of “Mangilik El” (Eternal Land) and its values. It is also a substantial contribution to the development of cultural public policy through art. The project also aims to show the unknown pages in the history of Kazakh people and portray historical figures preserved in people's memory.
This ambitious project supposed the creation of historical art works in two nominations: painting and sculpture.

Many artists from large and small towns of Kazakhstan expressed interest in the contest making it really nationwide: Astana, Almaty, Taldykorgan, Shymkent, Taraz, Atyrau, Kokshetau, Ust-Kamenogorsk, Karaganda and Turkestan. The contest consisted of two stages: the first reviewed the sketches for the proposed theme. The second stage selected 67 artists (of 90) whose art works responded to the contest’s requirements: the execution of works on the historical theme.

The artists strive to comprehend the country’s history afresh. Penetrating deep into the centuries, with careful attention and understanding they depict all the peripetia of the life of the people on their historical path: hardships and heroic battles, the bravery of batyrs and their selfless love of the motherland. In fact, these art works convey the national identity of the people.

contestn 3All art pieces are of large format, multi-figured and with a complex composition. They are varied both in terms of interpretation of historical events and the color scheme. It can be especially mentioned such paintings as the triptych “Aktaban Shubyryndy” by Dauren Kasteyev, “Kassym Sultan is Visiting the Smithy” by Meirzhan Nurgozhin, “On the Threshold of the Golden Horde Formation” by Aset Zhakypbek, “Orazmukhamed Khan Kasimovsky at the Reception at Tzar Boris Godunov” by Agimsaly Duzelkhanov, “The Mission of the Russian Ambassador Tevkelev at the Headquarters of Abulkhair Khan” by Abeldin Sapugov, “Tauke Khan. Seven Laws” by Bakhytkhan Myrzakhmetov, “Oh, My People” by Nurlan Kilibayev, “Reconnaissance” by Talgat Tleuzhanov, “Ancestors –Batyrs” by Kumar Omarkhan and “The Battle of Bulantin” by Eugeny Kim.
Of attention are the works by such masters as Yerlan Aituarov, Rakimzhan Sadygulov, Serikbai Alzhan, Nikolay Ashtema, Adilkaiyr Zhantassov, Muratzhon Rakhimzhanov and Asylbek Gubashev, as well as the paintings by emerging artists Nargiz Alibek, Dulat Usenbayev, Almaz Nurgozhayev and Yersat Bolathan.contestn 4

Sculptors also are actively involved in the contest: “Abylai Khan” by Marat Amirkhanov, “Ketbuga – Great Zhyrau” by Bakytbek Mukhamedzhanov, “Shynkozha Batyr” by Yerkin Makulbayev, “Satay Batyr” by Kazybek Dulatov, “Akhan Seri” by Baurzhan Zhuasbayev and “Kozhbanbet Biy by Bakhtiyar Kairanbay. In sculptural compositions and portraits the authors succeeded to create a generalized idea of historical events, personalities and batyrs according to their heroic deeds.

The original pictorial “chronicle” of the life of the nation and its spiritual culture created by the artists will be of interest to the wide audience due to the comprehensive artistic embodiment in which reality is organically combined with imagination. There is hope that this initiative exhibition will contribute to further development of Kazakh national art.