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zoe sever 1On May 19, 2017 at 18.00 at A. Kasteev State Museum of Arts of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

with the support of the Israeli Embassy in Kazakhstan the opening of the exhibition "Shades of Israel" will be held 20 paintings by Israeli artist Zoe Sever.

The exhibition is devoted to the many-sided country, Israel. This land blends amazingly the past and the present. Each of its corners is filled with a special atmosphere and history.

The artist turns to the landscape genre to show the viewer her “own” Israel, reveals the theme of the multilayered and diverse urban landscape with its architecture, inhabitants, skyscrapers, embankments, fountains and parks. Her works unite east and west, ancient cities and modern architecture, desert landscapes and views of the sea coast, strange trees as if in a kaleidoscope.

She does not strive to imitate nature but transforms it through a decorative solution.

Color is the main tool of the artist. The rich palette scheme of great interest is her such zoe sever 4saturated colors as blue, emerald, purple, yellow and crimson harmoniously unite on the canvas in an unpredictable whirlwind of Israeli motifs. The world in the artist's paintings is a game, richness and magic of color.

Zoe’s works are intriguing with a special manner of execution. Landscapes are created as if from small fragments each of which contains a whole story and all of them organically form in paintings.

Her paintings are created by dividing the form and are filled with many small details including a tinny bird sitting on a power post, kites floating in the sky above the city, umbrellas forgotten on the beach, clothes lines and many great ornaments. They fill the pictures with a touching atmosphere.

Each detail is decorated with patterned inclusions which complements organically the whole composition rhythms of her paintings. For instance, high notes of "Night Tel Aviv", smooth, melodic sounding of "Kinneret (Sea of Galilee)" and traditional rhythms in "Old Jaffa in Blue Tones".

zoe sever 3All her works are imbued with the image of a mirage - a white silhouette, most often it is the image of a donkey which arises in contrast to the brightness of Zoe’s works. The colorlessness of this object attracts attention with its calmness and timelessness. It is seen from Zoe’s bright and original works that she is a wildly optimistic person.

The artist was born in the city of Lviv in Ukraine. She moved to Israel with her parents. She graduated from the Bezalel Academy of Arts in Jerusalem. Zoe Sever has taken part in many group exhibitions ("Espace Urbain (Urban Space)" in the Paris exhibition hall Memoire de L ' Avenir) and auctions (the London auction "Bonhams", the Israeli auction "Tiroche”).

She held a series of solo exhibitions in Germany, Poland, France, etc. At present she lives and works in Tel Aviv.

The artist aims to show the life filled with a love and light in its vivid manifestations so different and equally attractive, the joyful world where reality easily gets along with fantasy.