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The major pert of the holdings constitutes the collection of the Soviet Art as well as the artworks of foreign artists. The main task of the Center is to systematize, research and to disseminate knowledge about the art of the 20-21st centuries. The collection is distinct by its artistic level, historical logic, variety of national schools, a wide spectrum of styles and trends. 

The researches realize such a program: a compilation of catalogs, participation in conferences and seminars, publications. The important part of work is an exhibition activity: the exposition design for temporary and permanent exhibitions, preparation of materials for the exhibitions. The organization of lectures and tours for children and adults is a significant part of work. The Center is also responsible for conduct of lectures on different aspects of the world art.    

Head of the Center Galina Syrlybayeva

Kopeliovich Maria


Cherkasova Maria


Vologodskaya Violette