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clara 1Press Office provides support in organizing, executing and publicizing the Museum’s various activities and projects, including exhibits, conferences, media appearances, lectures, excursions and more. It connects with media outlets, circulating materials about the Museum across numerous print and broadcast media platforms.

Press Office also implements the Museum’s Communications initiatives and PR campaigns to attract visitors. It regularly promotes the Museum’s collections and activities via media outlets and maintains the Museum’s Facebook page, Twitter and other social media accounts. Press Office collaborates with many educational and tourism organizations, analyzes the Museum’s statistics and coordinates different services at the Museum, including visits, tours, art lectures. Press Office establishes contacts with local and foreign cultural and international organizations, diplomatic missions, and local and foreign businesses to implement joint projects and exchanges and to study the modern foreign experience in the arts. 

In 2015-2018 Press Office collaborated with the Embassy of France, the U.S. General Consulate, the General Consulate of Germany, the Embassy of Germany in Astana, the General Consulate of Hungary, the Embassy of Hungary in Astana, the General Consulate of Russia, the General Consulate of China, the Embassy of Switzerland, the Embassy of Italy, British Council, Goethe Institute,  the Egypt Cultural Center, the Smithsonian Institute (Washington, USA), the Russian Academy of Fine Arts (Tsereteli Exhibition), the International Conference – Lord Poltimore (Great Britain, Sotheby’s top manager) and others.

Head of Office – Clara Isabaeva. 


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